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6pc Natural Relaxing Spa Salt Bath Soak

6pc Natural Relaxing Spa Salt Bath Soak

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 Each Salt comes in a Crystal Jar & contains 120 grams of Lavender Bath Salt, Arabica Coffee Bath Salt, Sweet Mango Bath Salt, Brown Sugar Bath Salt, Himalayan Bath Salt, and Coconut Bath Salt – packed in an Elegant Marble and Gold Gift Box. Each Jar comes with its own Wooden Scoop for easy use, Glass Jar for elegant decor & Cork Cover to preserve the fragrance. ALL-NATURAL AND ORGANIC - Each Bath Salt Jar is infused with Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Lavender Extract – the powerhouse combination of skin vitamins. It is also enriched with aromatherapeutic essential oils and fresh herbs that promote a wide array of health benefits. Our Bath Soaks are Paraben and Cruelty Free. PROFESSIONAL SPA EXPERIENCE 

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