Intimate Peach Peel

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FOR ALL YOUR WAXING MAINTENANCE NEEDS! A PERSONAL MINI PEEL TREATMENT Pre/Post-Waxing Enhancer: As ingredients evolve so should your Pre and Post treatments. Our latest Pre/Post waxing treatment utilizes new advanced technology that incorporates Neurocosmetic peptides and Dermal Sensory Correction™. The Neurocosmetic peptides target cosmetic modalities and repetitive aggression, while Dermal Sensory Correction™ functions to restore reactive nerves by sending cellular messages to calm and soothe skin back to a normal threshold. Dermal Sensory Correction™ reverses neurogenic inflammation. • Preps the skin for waxing • Soothes skin after cosmetic treatments • Helps to prevent ingrown hairs • Preps hair for depilatory treatments • Dimishes discoloration • Keeps intimate areas fresh. THE VAJACIAL PERSONAL PEEL KIT INCLUDES: APPROXIMATELY 7-9 Home Care Treatments • 1oz CAKE CLEANSER • 1oz PEACH PEEL GEL • 2oz PEACHY CLEAN NEUTRALIZING MASQUE • 1oz HYPERFRICTION Roll-on